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Mission, Vision, Values

Our God-Given Mission
Compelled by Christ’s love and rooted in God’s Word,
Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church connects people to CHRIST so people live for CHRIST.


We seek to fulfill that God-given mission by …
  • Glorifying Christ with our lives
  • Gathering with fellow members of Christ’s family to encourage each other
  • Growing in our relationship with Christ through His Word and Sacraments
  • Going as Christ’s representatives among our families, communities, and world

Our Core Values
Christ Lutheran Church will be defined by these values as they drive why we do what we do as Christ's church.
  • Christ-Centered: We do all things for the glory of Christ Jesus.
  • Mission-Focused: We are centered on Christ’s command to “make disciples of all nations” by baptizing and teaching.
  • Faithful: We are committed to holding out the Word of Life by being faithful to the Scriptures, the Sacraments, and the Lutheran Confessions.
  • Family-Oriented: We encourage healthy relationships and foster an atmosphere of compassion and loving nurture.
  • Spiritual Growth: We provide a comprehensive Lutheran education for people of all ages to grow in their Christian lives.
  • Servant-Minded: We gratefully serve Christ as we excellently serve people with our time, talents, and treasures.


Our Ministry Target for 2027
Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church is the Christ-Centered,
Family-Building Church for people in the area around Big Bend, Wisconsin.
  • By God’s grace we intentionally connect the people of our community and world to Christ by baptizing and teaching.
  • We are a church that is a refuge, resource, and training ground for the families of our community as they take on the challenges and attacks that are against families.
  • Through an excellent Lutheran educational system, we equip and empower people to live their lives for Christ.

Our Ministry Vision for 2022

Known for its faithfulness to God’s Word and its foundational Lutheran educational system,
Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church is the Christ-centered, family-building church for those seeking a comprehensive Christian education in a caring, family-friendly environment.

  • We offer a variety of worship opportunities that are Christ-centered and predominated by the Gospel in Word and Sacrament. As we honor our liturgical heritage, we seek to offer worship opportunities that are engaging, relevant, and relational for people of all ages.
  • Every week 65% of our members worship the Lord in our public worship opportunities.
  • We are debt free, have sufficient annual ministry plan support, and are gathering funds to expand ministry.
  • We offer at least one social activity or event each month so that our members can invite their neighbors and community to connect with each other.
  • We offer informational overview courses of Christ Lutheran Church, School, and Preschool once a month. These courses give people an opportunity to get a better understanding of why Christ Lutheran exists. We share our Mission, Core Values, Vision, history, introduce our staff, and invite them to “the next steps” in our discipleship process.
  • We have a system of communication in place so that all our members and community are informed of the church’s ministries.
  • We have an active ministry to parents and youth, and our congregations’ children and teens are bringing their friends to church and involved in service opportunities.
  • We have grown measurably in our love and care for one another, primarily through the expansion of our small group ministries.
  • We are making monthly face-to-face contacts with our members and staying connected with those who are away or straying.
  • We have increased our weekly Bible study opportunities, all our leaders are participating in opportunities to grow and share, and involvement by members and guests is growing steadily.
  • We offer an operational “Core” curriculum that intentionally takes people through a process of discipleship. Included in this “Core” are: “Connect to Christ” course, “New Life in Christ” course, GOD’S WAYS course, and “Live for Christ” courses. We have graduated 100 people from “The Core.”
  • We have in intentional system of helping members identify their spiritual gifts, equipping and empowering them to serve in their personal, congregational, and communal lives.
  • We offer training opportunities to people who desire to serve in a leadership position within the church.
  • We offer a full-day preschool and school with before and after school care.
  • Our K-8 school has an enrollment of 90 students, and our preschool has 25 full time equivalent students.
  • We have a Harvest Strategy in place that seeks to connect our preschool and school families with the congregation’s ministry.
  • We have the reputation of providing quality Lutheran Education in a safe and caring environment with an emphasis on developing Christian character as we graduate well-prepared students who desire to serve others and share their Savior.
  • We send to Wisconsin Lutheran High School 50% of our 8th Grade graduating classes.
  • We have researched and better understand the various groups within our community, and we are serving and building relationships with several of them.
  • We have a well-developed presence within our community so that people who live here know who we are and why we are here.
  • We offer training opportunities to equip people to better share the message of Jesus with others.
  • We tithe (10%) our income to the Lord in support of WELS missions and Wisconsin Lutheran High School.

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