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    GOD'S WAYS Bible Study
  • GOD’S WAYS Bible Study is a thematic study of the entire biblical text in its chronological and historical setting. This course is part of the core curriculum at Christ Lutheran Church. Classes meet for sixty weeks over one and a half years beginning the week after Labor Day and ending the first week in May each year (15-week quarters). This year we are offering two classes each Monday: one from 12:00 until 2:30pm and another from 6:30 until 9:00pm.  This year the class STARTS on September 10, 2018. Pastor Pufahl leads this study in the Upper Room at church. This Bible study is an opportunity to grow closer to God by a unique study of the Scriptures.

    The first quarter schedule for this coming year is: September 10—December 17, 2018.
    We are also offering an online study for GOD’S WAYS. We will videotape the afternoon sessions and make them available to people, along with the material for the course. You can access these videos by clicking here.
    1. The student will possess a significant sense of the mind of God.
    2. The student will feel comfortable reading, working in, and using the entire Biblical text.
    3. The student will be able to look at the world in which he/she lives and at his/her own life through the eyes of God.
    4. The student will gain a whole Bible concept and be able to see the themes within the Biblical text and in daily life.
    5. The student will be able to use Biblical insights in everyday life.
    6. The student will have a heightened sense and understanding of God’s grace.
    7. The student will have a reduced vulnerability to the wiles of a pagan culture and an increased receptivity to the truth of God.
    For more information, please contact Pastor Gary Pufahl.

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