2020 Church Council & Board Members

Church Council
Pastor: Gary Pufahl
Principal: Craig Weide
President: Dan Scherbarth
Vice-President: Richard Strasser

Financial Secretary: George Frigge
Recording Secretary: Bret Enslen
Treasurer: Dan Miller
Board of Elders Chairman: Chuck Ulland

Board of Education Chairman: Justin Grunze
Board of Stewardship/ Evangelism Chairman: Chris Dubis
Board of Trustees Chairman: John Stroh

Board of Elders
The Board’s primary responsibility is to monitor the spiritual condition of the congregation. They work with the pastors to remove any obstacles that would prevent faithful worship and/ or reception of the Sacrament. Areas of ministry have been divided to worship, adult discipleship, and member care.
Chuck Ulland, Chairman (Member of the Church Council) 

Tom Kopitzke

Andy Meinecke
Matt Pautz

Ken Artlip
LeMoine Worthington

Board of Education
The purpose of this Board is to oversee the operations of our Christian education programs and parochial school. 
Craig Weide, Principal
Justin Grunze, Chairman (Member of the Church Council)
Charlie George
Jon Parrish

Tom Steenweg

Board of Stewardship & Evangelism
Chris Dubis, Chairman (Member of the Church Council)

Bob Bartelt

Rod Bonnett

Ron Reinke

Jim Carlson

Board of Trustees

Jon Stroh, Chairman (Member of the Church Council)

Gerald Cichon

Gary Gullickson

Matt Bugenhagen

Derek Wagner

Board of Finance
The Board of Finance oversees the financial affairs of the congregation.

Dan Scherbarth, President (Member of the Church Council)
Dan Miller, Treasurer (Member of the Church Council)
George Frigge, Financial Secretary (Member of the Church Council)

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