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Mission and Content
Christ Lutheran Preschool's mission is to share the love of Jesus with people. We seek to connect children and their families to Jesus. We all need to hear how Jesus loves us, died for us, and rose again to take away our sins. We offer this Christ-centered early childhood education to both the members of Christ Lutheran Church and families in our community



Enrollment Policy
Our preschool program is open to children that will be at least three years old by September 1st of the present school year and are potty-trained. 

Class Information and Tuition Policy

We aim to be flexible and the meet the varied schedules and needs of the families we want to serve.

Christ Lutheran Preschool offers the following attendance options:

3 K Enrollment Options

2 Half Days - $1000 per year

3 Half  Days - $1500 per year

4 Half Days - $2000 per year 

5 Half Days - $2500 per year 

2 Full Days - $1800 per year 

3 Full Days - $2700 per year

4 Full Days - $3600 per year 

5 Full Days - $4500 per year 

4K Preschool Tuition Rates

5 Half Days - $2500 per year

3 Full Days - $2700 per year

4 Full Days - $3600 per year

5 Full Days - $4500 per year

Length of Days: 

Full Day: 7:40 A.M. - 2:35 P.M.

Half-Day: 7:40 A.M. - 11:00 A.M.

Students can arrive up to ½ hour before school starts and may remain up to 10 minutes after dismissal.

We do expect families to commit to a consistent schedule.

Tuition payments are due in advance. They can be paid annually, monthly, or bi-monthly. Payment is owed regardless of whether or not your child attends. No reimbursements are given for weather-related closings, absences due to minor illnesses, appointments, or absences due to family vacations.

Extended Care

Before School Care 6:45 A.M. - 7:20 A.M.
After School Care 2:30 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.
(Cost is $2.50 per half hour) 

Students entering preschool must be up-to-date on required immunizations.  A physical and dental examination are recommended, but not required for preschool students before they enter school.  Parents are asked to fill out a general health questionnaire so that the teacher is aware of any allergies or other health concerns that may affect the child’s functioning at school.

The school will provide one snack to half-day students and two snacks to full-day students. The parents always have the right to send their own snacks for their own children if dietary needs dictate. Morning snack will also include a cup of juice or milk provided by the school.

All of our full-day preschoolers are welcome to purchase milk for lunch.  There is an additional fee for students taking milk.  Students who do not purchase milk will need to supply their own lunch beverage.

Parent Helpers 
Parents are not required to help in the classroom or on field trips but are encouraged to do so as opportunities arise.


Because the children will be involved in physical indoor and outdoor activities, they should be dressed in comfortable, washable clothing.  Any shoes worn should have rubber, non-marking sole

In our Christian preschool, we will work to teach the children to follow God’s commands out of love for Him. 

Communication is encouraged between parents and teacher. The preschool teacher will stay in contact so parents are aware of what is happening in the classroom and at the school in general. 

All preschoolers are required to provide some of their own supplies, such as a backpack and a pocket folder. Your child’s teacher will provide you with a complete supply list during the summer months.


Registration Details
If you have an interest in registering your child for the upcoming school year, please contact us for more information. Tours available upon request! 

email:  or  phone: 262-662-3355.

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